• Image of Phnom Penh Noir - Special Signed Paperback Edition -

This is a special signed edition of Phnom Penh Noir by many of the contributing authors. A collectors item. Edited by Christopher G. Moore

Many noir anthologies have inspired writers and publishers around the world to gather novelists to set noir stories in a city. When it comes to noir, not all cities are equal. The history of genocide and dislocation sets Phnom Penh apart from other places. What other city in modern times was emptied of all of his people at gun point, a city abandoned and left as a ghost town?

The authors of Phnom Penh Noir take you inside the lives of Cambodians who carry that legacy of that fateful day on 17th April 1975 when the Khmer Rouge arrived and forced the population to evacuate to the countryside. The Khmer Rouge experiment resulted in radical transformation of a society that left a bloody trail, one that left almost no family untouched, and hovers close to the surface in these stories.

In Phnom Penh Noir, the stories, lyrics, and cover photograph have joined legendary creative talents like Roland Joffe, James Grady and John Burdett along with a young generation of Cambodians. The noir tales unfold through multiple points of view and enrich the reading experience. Truth, mortality, regret, betrayal, and loss play out in these stories, poetry and lyrics.

The Table of Contents:


Hearts and Minds by Roland Jaffe

The Fires of Forever by James Grady

Love and Death at Angkor by John Burdett

Reunion by Christopher G. Moore

Broken Chains by Kosal Khiev

Darkness is Faster than the Speed of Light by Prabda Yoon

Dark truths by Bopha Phorn

Play with Fire: A Sergio Biancardi Mystery by Giancarlo Narciso

Orders by Christopher West

Sabbatical Term by Richard Rubenstein

Hell in the City by Suan Mak

Khmer Riche by Andrew Nette

A Coven of Snakes by Bob Bergin

Rebirth by Neil Wilford

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